• Field Medic with No Name

    Field Medic with No Name

    A Field Medic who likes the less blood, guts and gore of playing Doc on a Frontier Haulers' ship.
  • Mercenary with No Name

    Mercenary with No Name

    A Mercenary that happens to find riding gunshot on a Frontier Haulers' fast freight or hauler less boring that his previous gig.
  • Spec Ops  with no Name

    Spec Ops with no Name

    A Special Operatives soldier that just happens to find piloting a fast hauler for the Frontier Haulers more rewarding that being a grunt in the Earth Defence Force
  • The Mystery Mentalist

    The Mystery Mentalist

    A Tallonite Mentalist beloved by the Free Haulers for her sharp mind and timely repairs.
  • The Unknown Monk

    The Unknown Monk

    A towering, 4 armed Monk that finds begging rides from the Frontier Haulers beats the cramped quarters of a Relarra Monk tank.